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  • The ABSTRACT and PROCEEDING BOOKS of EurasianSciEnTech 2018 have been published.

  • info@eurasianscientech.org



2) EurasianSciEnTech 2018 PROGRAM KİTABI İlan edİlmİştİr.

  • 3)Özet bildirilerini tam metin olarak yayınlamak isteyen katılımcıların dikkatine
  • -- Tam metin son gönderim tarihi 10 Aralık 2018'dir. Bu tarihten sonra gönderilen tam metin bildiriler kabul edilmeyecektir.
  • -- Tam metin bildiriler, konferans yazım kurallarına göre düzenlemelidir. Bu kurallar için hazır tam metin WORD şablonlar oluşturulmuştur. TÜRKÇE şablon için tıklayınız; İNGİLİZCE şablon için tıklayınız.)
  • -- Hazırladığınız Tam metinleri " info@eurasianscientech.org " e-mail adresine göndermeniz gereklidir.
  • -- E-mail açıklamasına kabul mektubunuzda yer alan Paper ID (Bildiri ID) belirtilmelidir.
  • -- Tam metinler sadece WORD formatında gönderilmelidir.
  • -- Tam metin Word dosyasının adı Paper ID’nizi ve ad-soyadınızı içermelidir. Örneğin; Paper ID’niz 251 ve adınız Ayşe Koç ise; Word dosyanızın adı: 251-Ayşe Koç şeklinde olmalıdır.
  • 3) EurasianSciEnTech 2018'de, 27.06.2018 tarihinde yayınlanan Akademik Teşvik Kriterlerine uygun olarak en az 5 farklı ülkeden konuşmacılar sözlü sunum yapacaktır; konferans sonrası TAM METİN KİTABI yayınlanacaktır.


1) The ABSTRACT and PROCEEDING BOOKS of EurasianSciEnTech 2018 have been published.

2) THE PROGRAM BOOK of EurasianSciEnTech 2018 has been announced. 

  • 2) Attention to the participants who want to publish abstract as Full-Text Paper: 
  • -- Full text submission deadline is December 10, 2018. Full text papers submitted after this date will not be accepted.
  • -- Full text papers must be edited in accordance with the Conference rules. Full text WORD templates are created for these rules. (Click here for TURKISH template; Click here for ENGLISH template
  • -- The prepared full text paper must be sent to "info@eurasianscientech.org".
  • -- The Paper ID in the letter of acceptance must be specified in the e-mail description.
  • -- Full text papers must only be sent in WORD format.
  • -- The name of the full-text Word file must contain your Paper ID and your first-last name. For example; Your Paper ID is 251 and your name is Ayşe Koç; The name of your Word file should be: 251-Ayşe Koç.
  • 3) In EurasianSciEnTech 2018,
    Speakers attending from at least 5 different countries are going to make oral presentations in accordance with the academic incentive criteria published on 27.06.2018; FULL TEXT BOOK will be published after the conference.



Dear & Esteemed Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in 1st International Eurasian Conference on Science, Engineering and Technology (EurasianSciEnTech 2018), which will be held on November 22-23, 2018 at The Ankara Hotel (www.theankarahotel.com) in Ankara, Turkey. The aim objective of “EurasianSciEnTech 2018” is to bring together leading academicians, researchers, scholars as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Science, Engineering and Technology and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.

EurasianSciEnTech 2018 provides the academic incentive criteria. This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration. It is anticipated that a broad range of research and applied topics will be covered during the conference. The official presentation language of the EurasianSciEnTech 2018 is Turkish and English. Abstracts / full papers can be submitted and presented in Turkish or English languages. All the submitted proceedings will be reviewed by at least two independent peers for technical merit and content.

We invite academicians, experts and professionals working on Science, Engineering and Technology to join this stimulating and exciting conference.

We kindly ask you to inform your colleagues and spread the information about the conference (EurasianSciEnTech 2018) among your contacts.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Ankara!

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhittin DOĞAN

Chairman of EurasianSciEnTech’18

The Ankara Hotel


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